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Hey there, everyone welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to do a quick sleep cycle review. I’ve, been using sleep sacks for my boys, since they were about probably six months old, just around 6 or 7 months old.

Before that we swaddled them and we did use like a swaddle kind of sleep sack situation. I’m sure you’ve, seen those they’re, just like a one-piece and has velcro across the chest, and but mostly, I should say we use just like it’s like baby, blankets and swaddled them In the kind of typical swaddle fashion, and then eventually they just started wanting their hands and feet free.

So we decided to use sleep sacks and before the boys were born. I picked up our very first sleep sack and I will go through that one I’ll, explain it. I just bought it because it was such a good deal and then I kind of realized when they were getting sick of being swaddled, that that might be the best way to go to try a sleep sack so that’s.

What we did so, how I think, four, I think, have four yeah sleep sacks to go through different brands. They’re, all different brands and their alternatives a little bit different. So I’ll. Give you kind of the ins and outs of why I really liked it each one or what I didn’t like about each one, so this one was not the first purchased switch bag.

Like I said, I bought sleep sacks before the boys were born, but they ended up being too too big, so I bought a smaller one, so the very first weeks actually used were these, so these are like a winter.

They’re very, very sick, and I think you can probably tell how sick they are. So sorry, if the lighting is getting kind of weird it’s cloudy, so these ones were the first ones we purchased and earth to use.

I should say – and these are zero to six months, so that is kind of the perfect size for what we were looking for the Irate around six months and it was December. So we needed more months about that one with the bear, and then this one with the dress and try our member who wore which I think Sam or this one and Joel were there.

I remember specifically now so a couple of things we liked about these sleep. Sacks were just like if you’re, going to be buying sleep, sex, keep in mind the weather like what the temperature is going to be.

So if you live in California or some horrible, it’s, going to be really hot. All the time, this is probably not a good style for you. You want something a little more breathable, but we have to live in Canada.

We need something a little bit warmer and December some. It is quite cooled. So this one has the snap at this side. Here you can see, and that has a zipper that goes all the way around. I’ll show you two here and then it’s, clothes on that side.

So it opens right up like that. So I’ll, show you on this side, and then it has the two snaps at the top, so it snaps here and that’s, just how you put them in you just leave it open, put them in a zip it up And connect up – and you know I don’- t – really think there’s, anything bad to say about these.

We text the boy should obviously accrue them, but they’re, really nice and warm there kind of like a minke. Like velour fabric on the outside, and oh, I should mention where I got these, so these are by the brand snuggle tots 0 to 6 months, and we purchase these at winners.

I just found I just I think I just saw them in winners one day and remembered that I should go back and look when we were ready for sleep sex. They have a whole huge variety and they’re quite a bit cheaper.

Then I think these were $ 25, each, which is a really really good price. So if you are purchasing multiple sleep, sacks or you just want a good price when ours is a really good place to try and yeah the only thing to keep in mind with sleep sacks like beeps, I’m, going to get really hard time.

Saying that over and over that that when they make even line with sleep, sacks is, as your kids get older, we found our boys could pull these and so a couple of times we went in, and these were detached on the panel one side they had yanked.

It open – and that was just like as they got stronger. I think it was season’s yeah, because then of our other snap at this side. So then we do. I guess, as a result of that. Obviously, didn’t end up purchasing the snap type again was because they were way older and able to pull things and yeah they just, and that made me really nervous that they would slip inside or you know, like you want this week’s active fit properly around the neck.

That’s, really an arms it’s really really important. So these serve their purpose. Well, the boys were younger, but if you’re, a parent maybe steer away from the snap at the shoulder type for I need stronger, older babies before the boys were born.

I ended up going on a trip. I think every public new parent does to Ikea to just like a look around and pick up some stuff and pick up some stuff for the house and they have lots of cool little baby baby things like boobs and toys and blocks and sheets and cribs in High chairs, you know utensils all the things that you would need, so I went IKEA and I bought these sleep sacks.

They’re, like I said before, the boys were born. We got these fully ones and they were just a little bit. You can see they’re a little bit longer than these, and they were just a little too big to where we were concerned that their heads could slip through that little head hole, so we bought, I bought the smaller sized ones first, and then We ended up upgrading to these a few months later and it was still winter.

These are again quite quite sick, like blanket style, sleep  sacks. There is no size there’s, no snow tactic, but they are from Ikea and I wanted to say they were size 6 to 12 months and or maybe like 6 to 9 on something and their price point is really inexpensive as well.

I think there are $ 20 or a five-cent $ 20, so you can see they’re, just blue, and what I liked about these were no snap at the shoulder and the zipper goes from the top and it zips down at the bottom here.

So this is it for the way, so I retained, if you playing a lot way down at the bottom, so that’s, really nice, it’s. Just a safety thing where, like I mentioned before you don’t, want your kids putting their heads into the sleep sacks.

That would be really dangerous, so this is a great style. You don’t need a lot of light stuff going on it supposed to be a blanket, so the more minimalist the better like just just the shoulder sit straight down the front that’s.

Why me don’t even bunch of snaps and different things and yeah again. These are really warm, really comfy and really soft and easy to wash. We washed all our sleep sacks in the wash machine and then throw right in the dryer.

So we had two of the exact same one for the blue ones gave two reasons after we finished up with these a heat I heat after we finished up with these ideas, sleep sacks it was spring and our boys were getting on to be about one year.

One year old, so they were going to be one in July and I wanted to get something a little bit lighter, looser a little more comfy and honestly like something a little bit more like a blanket because around one they’re, not like just Laying there you know they’re rolling around.

They’re moving a lot in bed and we I kind of thought we would be wanting to move to a blanket sooner than later turns out that didn’t happen. But I’ll, explain that fall to so no plans of going to Ikea, and I just I think I probably went back to winners and didn’t see anything there.

So we ended up being told about these, and also the other thing is with going to Ikea and winners. I gotten a lot of the sicker sleep sacks, but I really wanted something more like a thin blanket item II.

I call this material like a t-shirt material. It’s, a goose in cotton t-shirt that’s. What it feels like, and so my friend mentioned she had one in a similar material. Exactly I thought picture on Facebook.

I said: where did you get that and she said it was a halo sleep sack wearable the original wearable going get so I went to Toys, R Us and they didn’t have the sizes I needed, especially as your kids get older or bigger.

It’s harder to find bigger. Sleep bags, at least for me – was, and they didn’t have any sizes for them. So I ended up ordering these online from Sears, which is a Canadian website, but you could easily order the same ones online from Toys, R, Us or Babies, R, Us we just found or whatever site you want to.

We just found that the price point was better at Sears and they were on sales and think there was a certain percent off and I think these sleep sacks are like $ 65, which is insane when you have to buy two.

In my opinion, for a blanket that they can only wear four until they grow out of it like it’s only going to be a few months, they can wear this for a year. Really. I guess we cut our boys kind of wear them for a year, but they didn’t really.

So this is the size large 812 months. So this is the first one and it’s, exact same style as that IKEA one. It dips from the top here right down to the bottom, and it’s, nice and thin. You can probably see it’s just like a little.

It feels like a t-shirt. It’s. Incredibly soft cotton. The one thing about the use was that eventually, because of moister growing so much, I started getting like holes in the bottom and their toe starts poking through.

So I really someone – and so many so many times this car one or transportation one and in sand and then for Joel. We got ham, the elephant one. So it’s. Just gray and yellow elephants really really pretty and really just soft and feels very, very comfortable.

They wash really well like. I said they are now getting cool and we had them for about a year and just as we have twins, I always wanted to have different colored sleep sacks so that if we were taking them somewhere else to sleep, we would always know who’S with who’s so that they weren’t.

You know sharing each other’s, blankets, which didn’t, always work out. But when I could, I bought different different colors and they had their own and yeah. I just really like these. The cost is high for these compared to like paying twenty or thirty dollars double more than double the price, but I felt like it was worth the cost because they were just so nice and soft.

They just seemed to fit them really well, like give them lots and lots of leg room like you need like this big with, so that they can kick around their feet and roll around some be comfy, whereas the IKEA one’s a little bit More narrow, so it makes it a little harder to to maybe get comfortable.

I don’t know I don’t wear 6x, but I would guess that’s kind of the situation there. So I would probably recommend the halo one the most of the three types that we purchased. I just found them to be just the best quality I think, and the best material, and I found them to be the most like have the most longevity.

I could use them for the longest so, like I said we use them in the spring and then we use them into the fall, and, I kind of said to Ivan, like I’m, not going with us, we’ve stock. I just spent a lot of money on those ones in this spring and they they can use a blanket if they’re, not going to use that like one, then they can have a blanket and he insisted when we went on another trip to Ikea like in the fall, I think, probably like for Christmas time or whatever he insisted on buying another sleep sack at IKEA, so we bought this one, which my guess was 18 months or something like that bright green.

We have two of these. I don’t even know where the other one is and it’s like a fleece thin, but it’s like it’s a flea, so it’s, quite warm and it the actual Zipper is broken on it right now. You can see so it.

This is from the bottom to the top, the same kind of style as the last two – and I just I really like these ones. They were good, quality zipper did break, but when is it for broke? We were kind of like okay.

We should probably be done with sleep sacks by now. Anyway. I also found, like I said this part is not winding up, so it was quite, I felt like they were just really confined in my sleep sack, and I did not like that.

So once his zipper start breaking, I said to ivan like okay enough, they were probably a year and a half old it was only wash, they would have been old via older than that they would have been. When do we stop using these in the winter sometime? So they were a year and a half in December.

So sometime I thought they probably were. You know it was probably yeah they probably 20 months or something like that. So um yeah we stopped using these again. The price point is really good. It’s really low.

I think these were fifteen dollars and we got to Greenland didn’t have any other colors. They worked for what we needed them for basically, and then here’s. The twist to the story we went back to using these again and we use them all through, like the end of the winter, into the fall like from March, probably on to the spring till yesterday we stopped using them, so Joel stopped using it first.

I can just kind of tell at night when I was putting him into the sleep sack, but he was just kind of like wine and struggle and did not really seem to want to be dipped up and then and then I just kind of decided to keep Sam in his sleep sack for a little longer and then just yesterday, I stopped well today yeah last night.

I guess I didn’t put him in his sleep sack and I officially stopped because I know it’s. The same thing he started to kinda like wine and sing to not want to have to sleep sack on my lighting is just going all over the place so so yeah we use halo one the longest.

I really really like them like I said, but for the price point the IKEA ones were great and they really did serve their purpose. If we had stopped using sweet Jack’s, when the boys turned one, I want to just use the ones from winter, the ones from Ikea, and that would have been fine.

I never would have purchased the halo one, but because I just felt like with two babies, I always felt like with two honest anti-masonic with two babies. It increased my chances that something bad could happen, and so I wanted to take every cautionary measure.

I could, and I think Ivan felt the same way so we tacked on with the sweet jacket and he pretty much insisted that we continue asleep stock, that we did. And now the boys are officially sleeping with blank blankets and the stuffed animals in their cribs and they will be to next month.

So we use sleep sack for a year and a half almost well yeah about a year and a half which is quite a long time really considering we didn’t start using them until they were about six months old. So that is kind of my review of the sleep sack series that I’ve got here.

I use a lot of different ones, so I thought this video will be helpful just because we did use so many different sleep sacks if you guys like this video or you like this kind of like review type of video.

Let me know in the comments below and I can do more reviews I’ve – been wanting to do a review of a couple other things that we’ve purchased, and I wanted to do a review video on sippy cup, because we Have gone through so many different sippy cups, so let me know in the comments below is that would be helpful for you and give this video a thumbs up.

If you like this kind of video that lets me know to keep making a few videos for you guys thanks so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe, and I will see you in my next one: bye,

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